About BLME

Bank of London and The Middle East (“BLME”) is an independent UK, wholesale Sharia’a compliant bank based in London.

BLME received FSA (Financial Services Authority) authorisation in July 2007 and is the largest Islamic bank in Europe. It is led by a management team that brings together a combination of experienced international bankers and leading experts in Islamic finance.

The core divisions that make up BLME’s competitive offering are Corporate Banking, Treasury and Wealth Management comprising of Private Banking and Asset Management.

BLME is the largest Sharia’a compliant bank in Europe, and to ensure that our services and operations are wholly Sharia’a compliant we have a dedicated Sharia’a Supervisory Board (“SSB”). The SSB ensures that our policies and practices, as well as our corporate governance, are in accordance with Sharia’a principles.

These principles require that our service is based upon achieving sustainable performance from tangible assets. Our business is rooted in the principles of transparency, fairness, clarity and the avoidance of speculation.

Please browse our website to discover more about the BLME team, our products, divisions and principles.

The Benefit of BLME

BLME combine's extensive Western experience with a deep understanding of Middle Eastern Markets. We offer an integrated service across all our business divisions and product ranges.

BLME is an independent UK bank, and as such all decisions are made within the bank. We are incorporated in the UK, so whilst being Sharia'a compliant we are also bound by English Law. We have a strong capital base with solid capital adequacy ratios.