About BLME

Bank of London and The Middle East (“BLME”) is an independent UK bank based in London with an office in Dubai.

Providing Islamic and ethical financial solutions

BLME is an Islamic bank which is run in a fully Sharia'a compliant and ethical manner. BLME will only ever invest in Sharia’a compliant and ethical investments. This means that BLME will not place your money in interest bearing investments and in industries such as the tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries. BLME will never charge you interest and will always be transparent in all our dealings with you.

Sharia'a is a framework of principles and guidelines that govern the lives of people who follow the Islamic faith. The primary sources of Sharia'a are the Holy Quran, the central religious text of Islam, and the Hadith, the word and actions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 

As an Islamic Bank fairness, honesty, integrity and transparency are at the heart of everything we do and how we treat our stakeholders, be they our clients, employees or shareholders. These values help to forge the character and culture of the Bank and are the building blocks upon which our reputation is built.  




At BLME, we believe in building sustainable partnerships based upon our ethical principles. We are an independent UK Bank offering a diverse range of financial products and services in our principal markets of the UK and the Middle Eastern region.