To all of our Customers and Clients,

Firstly, I want to thank you for your support as we continue to work through the coronavirus pandemic.  I understand what an uncertain and sometimes stressful time it can be for people, families and businesses.

Since the UK’s lockdown, the BLME team have been working from home as part of our overall business continuity plan and we shall continue to do this in line with recent guidance from the government. This safeguards employees and their families, as well as making the Bank’s day to day operation more resilient against the impact of the coronavirus. I am pleased to say that morale at the Bank is good and I am very proud of our employees’ ability to adapt, as well as their resilience during what has been a testing time for everyone.

Despite the challenges of the crisis, we remain firmly focused on serving our customers.  Our Savings team continues to work full time, remotely, to support you. We also remain in regular contact with our other clients across our various lines of business through our Relationship Management teams. The overwhelming response from people has been very positive and encouraging.

If you have any questions or concerns at this time then please do get in touch. To do this in the most effective way we continue to ask you to direct enquires to your usual contact at the Bank or by emailing our dedicated teams. For enquiries on savings accounts please email: For general enquiries contact:

Unfortunately, banks and other financial services providers have seen a rise in attempts by criminals to take advantage of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.  Most often this includes trying to persuade people to share their personal information and security details. Please be extra vigilant and always double check any contact using trusted sources. For more information on how to safeguard yourself against financial scams, please visit this page on our web-site.

Finally, I just want to sign off by saying that the response to this crisis across the country has been inspiring. From the stories of people finding ways to support one another whilst being asked to stay apart, through to the incredible work being done by our key workers and emergency services and, in particular, the unwavering dedication and courage shown by those working in the NHS. We recognise our social responsibilities during this time and to that end we have extended our charitable giving to a number of community services significantly impacted by the pandemic.

We will continue to keep you updated on our work at BLME as events around coronavirus change. In the meantime, thank you once again for your ongoing support.  Stay safe.

Giles Cunningham, CEO of BLME plc