Launched by BLME in July 2021, Nomo is the world’s first international Islamic digital banking business.

Nomo provides customers with seamless, secure, and Sharia compliant digital banking. It gives account holders in Kuwait and the UK access to a suite of state-of-the-art banking products, including daily banking, simple wealth management solutions, and new investment and payment products, all managed via the Nomo app.

Nomo allows customers to securely access their UK bank account from wherever they happen to be. Being based in the UK means that Nomo customers’ deposits are fully covered up to the value of £85,000 by the UK’s FSCS.

Upon opening a Nomo account customers receive a UK sort code, account number, and international bank account number (IBAN), opening up a range of international banking opportunities and allowing for payments in both GBP (£) and USD ($).

Nomo customers are not charged exchange fees and have 24/7 control of their finances through the iOS app and MasterCard debit card.

Sign up is straightforward* and can be completed within minutes via your smart phone. Visit to sign up or to view more information.

*Eligibility criteria apply