We offer flexible trade and commodity finance solutions, covering all aspects of international trade. Our tailored approach includes financing for import and export of goods, inventory and receivables. We provide working capital facilities to businesses in the UK, Europe and GCC from £2 million to £25 million (or US Dollar equivalent).

We offer the following structures:

  • Structured commodity trade finance – metals, inventory and receivable finance.
  • Issuance of letters of credit - including standby letters of credit and guarantees.
  • Confirmation of letters of credit – including promissory notes and bills of exchange.
  • Participation in syndicated transactions on a funded and unfunded basis.

We have experience financing a wide range of transactions, which include:

  • Letter of Credit based financing
  • Bi-lateral financing of inventory and the subsequent receivables
  • Murabaha participations with Financial Institutions

Our Trade Finance products and services are Sharia’a compliant.