Our dedicated leasing team provides finance leases, operating leases and hire purchase structures for a diverse range of clients in the UK 

Commercial Finance

Commercial Finance specialises in providing tailored lease and trade financing solutions with significant experience in supporting those companies that have links to the GCC region.


We have a wealth of experience providing asset finance ranging from £1 million to £25 million for mid to large corporates and their subsidiaries. Our Leasing team can provide finance leases, operating leases and hire purchase agreements (i.e. Ijara) as well as Murabaha structures and in addition to portfolio funding for UK asset companies.

BLME specialises in providing lease financing to the transportation, construction, mining, plant, machinery and information technology sectors. We can also provide block financing facilities and fund portfolio companies.

BLME is well positioned to support companies looking for asset finance solutions, both in the UK and the GCC, and we have experience of providing vendor programmes for multinational companies in the GCC.  All our finance is structured in accordance to the principles of Islamic finance.

Typical transaction include where BLME financed:

  • An IT vendor programme which included software and licences for a GCC mobile telecommunications company
  • Delivery vehicles for a well-known UK high street retailer
  • Ijara financing of 130 ATMs for a GCC financial institution.


BLME has extensive financing experience in specialist areas of Real Estate, Leasing and Trade Finance. Our dedicated relationship managers stay with transactions from inception to completion with centralised transaction support, and all our clients can benefit from the expertise of our Treasury department. We are uniquely an Islamic, independent, standalone UK regulated bank offering specialist products and services in our principal markets of the GCC region and the UK.