Private Client Property Services

Wealth Management provides a comprehensive real estate service supported by our expert Real Estate team. We work with you to understand your specific Real Estate investment requirements from sourcing the right property for you through to financing your acquisition.


We collaborate with exclusive property experts to provide you with access and support, to both on and off market properties in the most attractive areas of the UK specialising in prime central London real estate.


With our partners we can support you so that your property acquisition is as simple and straightforward as possible. We can introduce you to market leading lawyers and experienced tax advisors who will help you complete your property purchase and make the most of your investment.                     


If you have found your property, you just require financing; we offer Islamic funding for real estate acquisitions. In addition to our property sourcing and financing services, our experienced staff can also provide you access to:           

  • Tailored real estate funds
  • Opportunities to invest in commercial or residential real estate development projects
  • A by invitation Concierge Service 

BLME Concierge provides a full service from bill payments to tenant management to interior design. To find out more visit