Key Shareholders

Top Five Shareholders of BLME Holdings plc as at 30 September 2019**

Name % Holding
Boubyan Bank * 20.90%
The Public Institute For Social Security 8.10%
Boubyan Capital Investment Company * 7.01%
Aref Investment Group 5.11%
Ibdar Bank B.S.C. 5.11%

* As at 30 September 2019, Boubyan Bank K.S.C.P. held an economic interest in 27.91% of the Company’s voting shares in issue. This includes shares held by its subsidiary, Boubyan Capital Investment Company, but excludes 1.65% held as nominee on behalf of clients where Boubyan Bank does not control the voting rights.

** The percentage shareholdings have been calculated based on the number of voting shares in issue. This excludes 10,357,374 of shares that were transferred into treasury on 9th January 2019.