Our Business and Organisational Structure

Bank of London and The Middle East plc (BLME) is an award-winning, Sharia’a compliant bank authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the PRA.  BLME provides wealth management products, real estate finance for commercial and retail clients, and savings and current account products for retail clients.

This statement has been prepared to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and relates to BLME’s 2023 financial year (MSA Statement).

The MSA Statement details how BLME is helping to end modern slavery, human trafficking, child labour or any other abuses of human rights (Modern Slavery).


Supplier Due Diligence and Risk Assessments

BLME’s supply-chain includes, but is not limited to, third-party suppliers of the following goods and services: consultancy services; IT and telecommunications; legal services; audit services; valuations; marketing; consumables; office services; recruitment and travel (Supply-Chain).

BLME is committed to the continued development of its approach to Modern Slavery risk identification, monitoring and reporting together with the mitigation of identified risks.  This includes ongoing due diligence and oversight of BLME’s Supply-Chain.

As a financial services firm, BLME does not have direct exposure to a high-risk of Modern Slavery, but despite this BLME is committed to: (i) undertaking appropriate due diligence on its Supply-Chain commensurate with its legal obligations; (ii) obtaining appropriate attestations of compliance from suppliers in its Supply-Chain; and (iii) carrying out appropriate monitoring and oversight of the Supply-Chain.  These actions are designed to ensure that BLME does not do business with any third-party (directly or indirectly) which poses a risk that BLME will be unable to comply with its obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 or which pose a risk that Modern Slavery is present in the Supply-Chain.  The result of such activities for BLME’s 2023 financial year are reported at the end of this Statement.


Employee Training

In addition to the Supplier Due Diligence and Monitoring referred to above, BLME is committed to training its employees (including its executives) on modern slavery issues, with the aim to ensure that each understands the importance of identifying and mitigating modern slavery abuses.  This is carried out as part of its financial crime training programme, which is mandatory for all employees and executives (whether they are permanent or temporary).


Effectiveness Rating

BLME can report that for its 2023 financial year, no Modern Slavery issues were identified:

  • in BLME’s business / operations; or
  • relating to BLME’s Supply-Chain.



This MSA Statement was approved by the BLME Board on 27th June 2024.

Andrew Ball
Chief Executive Officer