We manage the Bank’s liquidity risks, hedging requirements and tenor transformation opportunities as part of our day to day business activities.


As part of our day to day business activities we manage the Bank’s liquidity, hedging requirements and tenor transformation opportunities.

We are experienced in developing innovative products to meet our clients' needs as they often have unique requirements. We can help to manage your liquidity and foreign exchange exposures and hedging needs, using Sharia’a compliant products.

We are experts in the Sukuk market, where BLME was appointed co-lead manager on two of the largest Sukuk issued by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). We can assist with your investments in the Sukuk market and additionally we can advise you if you are looking to raise financing by issuing your own Sukuk. 

Our sales teams based in the UK and the GCC, look to establish and manage our relationships with banks both in London and internationally. We facilitate the setting up of business lines with counterparties and encourage the development of reciprocal business across a wide product range.

By developing close partnerships with our clients, we are able to understand your requirements and innovate efficient and Sharia’a compliant solutions to suit you.

The UK Mid-Market


  • Islamic money market deposits
  • Retail deposits such as our Premier Deposit Account which offers attractive rates out to 5 years
  • Foreign Exchange including:
    • Spot and Forward FX
    • FX Swaps
    • Enhanced dual currency rate structures
  • Hedging Instruments including Profit Rate Swaps

As the largest Islamic bank in Europe and based in London, we are in a prime financial centre, ideally located to take advantage of several time zones during our working day.”