Wealth Management

We work with you to understand your specific Real Estate investment requirements from sourcing the right property for you through to financing your acquisition.

Private Client Property Services

At BLME we value the trust that accompanies lasting relationships and we prioritise service over selling.

Real Estate

We provide finance to small and medium sized real estate developers, investors, and to high net worth individuals

Wealth Management

Through BLME you can access market leading Real Estate investment opportunities or find the perfect second home in the UK. We also provide specialist financing which includes; Yacht, Aircraft and luxury car finance.

In addition to specialist financing, BLME provides deposit products, banking services, residential mortgages and a concierge service to selected clients.  We ensure that our clients have access to experts within BLME or, where appropriate, connecting our clients with third party experts.

BLME Wealth Management provides Sharia’a compliant Investment products which leverage our Real Estate and Leasing capabilities.  

Our relationship managers will: 

  • Explore your financial goals and understand what you want to achieve with BLME’s support such as a Real Estate investments
  • Use their expertise to help you develop a plan to achieve these goals
  • Where necessary, connect you with relevant specialists
  • Offer a world class Concierge Service by invitation only
  • Give our GCC shareholders and clients access to our Office in Dubai


BLME has extensive financing experience in specialist areas of Real Estate, Leasing and Trade Finance. Our dedicated relationship managers stay with transactions from inception to completion with centralised transaction support, and all our clients can benefit from the expertise of our Treasury department. We are uniquely an Islamic, independent, standalone UK regulated bank offering specialist products and services in our principal markets of the GCC region and the UK.

The UK Mid-Market
Mid-Market Research

The UK Mid-Market

Independent research commissioned by BLME examining the funding needs of the UK Mid-Market.

The UK Mid-Market

Real Estate brochure

The UK Mid-Market
Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking brochure