We’re extremely proud of our personalised services and how we look after our clients, employees and stakeholders.  

BLME is transparent, open, receptive and responsive in all its dealings; we always treat our clients as individuals with their own unique needs, wants and preferences.

These are our core values, which make us PROUD:

Passion and drive                                                            
We want our employees to be passionate about their jobs, our company, and to be driven to achieve our aspirations and those of our clients.

Resilient and agile
As a small bank, we need to be resilient and agile; recognising challenges and setbacks to create opportunities and develop solutions. 

Open and straightforward banking
We believe in building open and straightforward relationships; delivering quality products and services consistently, simply and ethically.

United we succeed
We believe that success is achieved through open collaboration, mutual support and honest communication.

Doing the right thing
BLME always encourages doing the right thing; by our peers, by the bank, by our shareholders and by our clients.