We understand that there may be all sorts of reasons why our customers may feel vulnerable during their lifetime. It could be due to a health condition or due to other circumstances, such as not being able to communicate in their mother tongue, not being familiar with the UK banking system or a loved one being unwell.

Where a customer’s vulnerability impacts their ability to manage their finances, we are here to support them. We acknowledge that a customer may not always consider themselves vulnerable despite their circumstances, and therefore our aim is to work with customers to understand how their vulnerability impacts them, and what we can do to ensure that they are able to manage their finances with BLME in a way which does not cause further stress or harm. Through targeted training and experience we will work with customers to create a safe environment where they feel confident disclosing their vulnerability, as well as finding a fair outcome together.

If you find yourself in a situation which impacts your ability to manage or understand your finances or need us to clarify anything regarding your accounts, we are here to help. Please contact customer service on 0207 618 0147 or at savings@blme.com.