About BLME

Bank of London and The Middle East (“BLME”) is an independent UK bank based in London with an office in Dubai.


Dubai provides BLME with a base for its operations in the Gulf and forms an integral part of BLME's strategy to expand across the region.

Historic Rates – Notice Account

  • 90 Days

    Term With effect from Gross Annual Rate
    90 Days 22/08/2018 1.50%
    90 Days 17/06/2018 1.00%
    90 Days 30/10/2017 0.75%

Premier Deposit Account

If you can afford to put your money away for a longer period, you can often get a better rate with a fixed term deposit. With a BLME Premier Deposit Account you can:

  • Save from £1,000
  •  Choose a term that suits you of up to 7 Years
  •  Receive your profit payments annually


Notice Account

A Notice Account can offer a better rate of return than instant access accounts and can be a suitable choice for those looking for a flexible savings solution.
With a BLME Notice Account you can:

  • Save from as little as £10,000
  • Make an unlimited number of withdrawals provided you give the necessary notice, meet the minimum withdrawal amount, and maintain a minimum deposit amount of £1,000